Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Dictionary Game 2.1.2.apk Download For Android

Word definition: fun, challenging, educational.

The Dictionary Game is an exciting and educational word game.
Try to guess the word using its definition and a bunch of available letters.
Play the game at ease by yourself or race against the clock.
If things get hard, buy some hints to help you out: expose up to two letters (1st letter, a vowel, or a consonant), or show an alternative definition for the word (you can swipe between the definitions that you've bought).
Check the Facebook check box at the opening screen to share your game experience on Facebook (scores, achievements, and most difficult quizzes).

The first few levels are free, and you can play them as long as you like.
If you survive the first levels, you can continue to some more challenging levels at a small fee.
This will also remove the advertisements and allow you to reach much higher scores.

If you find any bugs, please send me an email ( and I will fix them ASAP.
Also, if you find an inappropriate or offensive word or definition, you can report it using the Menu button, and I will remove it from the dictionary.

Developer :  DoigeN
Requires android 2.2 and up
Category   : Brain & Puzzle

Read more go to google play for the official site The Dictionary Game 2.1.2.apk



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