Monday, July 1, 2013

Dungeon Quest 1.2.3 Apk Download For Android

The latest version of Dungeon Quest introduces several new game play systems and mechanics. We have added more weapons, more skills, new armor pieces as well as an all new Talent System. Be sure to check out all the new ways to customize your characters with our Vanity Item Shop! These items are intended to allow our users to create unique characters without impacting Game Play. Every weapon (including the newly added ones) now has a special secondary attack mode. These are very powerful new skills that will help players tackle the the new challenges that await them!

Dungeon Quest apk

The new skills are unlocked when you collect items that are at or above item level 21 (iLVL) for your main hand weapons and at or above item level 26 (iLVL) for your off hand weapons. You can always see your current items iLVL from the inventory screen. Be sure to check out the new item detail screen as well. This screen will give you detailed information about each weapon and item in your inventory. Just select the item then click on the item window to see the new information.

Developer : Shiny Box, LLC
Dungeon Quest requires Android Varies With Device
Category : Arcade And Action

Go to for the official site Dungeon Quest apk from google play.

Download Dungeon Quest 1.2.3 Apk


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