Saturday, June 8, 2013

Facial Scanner Lie Detector 1.8 Apk Download For Android

Facial Scanner Lie Detector is a fun and free fingerprint and face Detection utility that tries to determine if somebody is telling a lie or the truth based on their thumb print scan and results from face analysis!
You simply upload a photo of your friend and tell him to place his thumb on the scanner, make a statement, and the app will tell you if he is telling the truth or lying.

Facial Scanner Lie DetectorFacial Scanner Lie Detector

This is the only android app that combine finger print scanning and facial analysis in one app. As you know you can tell if some one is lying by looking into their eyes. Facial Scanner Lie detector is just a prank entertainment app that helps you fool your friends that they just had a facial and finger print scanner.

Developer : DOUBLE TAP
Facial Scanner Lie Detector Requires Android 2.2 And Up.
Category : Casual

Go to for the official site Facial Scanner Lie Detector Apk from google play.

Download Facial Scanner Lie Detector 1.8 Apk


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